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The Most Popular Hybrid And Electric Cars Of 2014

Motor vehicle technology is progressing at an alarming rate. There are more and more electric and hybrid cars reaching the market each and every month. That means you’ll almost certainly end up owning one in the near future. In truth,

Why The Internet Is Useful When Learning To Drive

When I first passed my theory and practical driving tests, the World Wide Web wasn’t as popular as it is today. To give you an idea of how long ago it was when I passed my tests, the theory test

Buying A Porsche: Pipe Dream Or Possibility?

For many folks, getting behind the wheel of a Porsche car is little more than a pipe dream. Even the “cheapest” Porsche models, such as the Boxster, can sometimes cost a small fortune to maintain! If you drive around in

The Benefits Of Car Leasing: A Guide For Newbies

When it comes to buying a car, you’ve got two basic options: you can pay for it with cash, or you can borrow the money from somewhere. Most people that buy a car with cash usually end up buying an

How To Prepare For A Road Trip On A Hot And Sunny Day

As I write this, the northern hemisphere is basking in the glorious summer sunshine. Some places, such as the United Kingdom, might not get as much sun as others due to their location in the world. Do you live in

Common Workshop Tools All DIY Car Mechanics Should Have

As a home DIY car mechanic, you will doubtless want to make your mechanical chores easier to complete. Today’s modern cars are somewhat complex in nature. That means you need to have a plethora of tools to complete even the