3 Awesome Ways You Can Get Cheaper Car Insurance

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Getting your car insured is always one of the least fun aspects of owning a car. It can be a stressful, expensive and time-consuming process. Also for a lot of young drivers it is an unknown area and one in which it is difficult to find an appropriate quote.

Car insurance is a vital and legal requirement for any drivers. Not least because it protects you in the event of an accident or crash. If you are middle aged and you have an unblemished driving record then, you should be able to get cheaper insurance anyway. But if you are a younger driver or you have had driving offences in the past then it may cost you more.

This can be a big strain on personal finances especially for younger drivers. But there are ways in which it is possible to cut down on your car insurance costs. Here are three awesome ways you can do that:

1. Choose your car wisely

In the UK, the type of car you have will affect your insurance costs. Choosing a cheaper car to ensure is a great way of saving a lot of money on your insurance right at the first stage. A Ford purchased from TC Harrison Ford is going to be far cheaper than a Porsche. For this reason, it is important to be sensible in your expectation of which car you want to buy.

There are many factors that determine a car’s insurance costs. These factors include repair costs, value of car and security, etc.

There are a lot of guides available that will inform you of the cheapest cars to insure. Research a car’s insurance levels before you opt to buy. Also bear in mind that faster cars will cost more to insure, especially if you are a young driver. This is due to the risk of accidents from novice drivers speeding.

2. Shop around

Shopping around is an important step in your quest for cheaper car insurance. But it is a step often overlooked by drivers. Many people hate the idea of car insurance and, as a result, they will accept the first offer they get to put an end to the process.

Don’t be tempted to do this. You can make considerable savings if you hunt around for the best deals. The internet contains a wealth of information on car insurance.

Many websites such a Compare the Market and Go Compare offer price comparisons for car insurance. Price comparison sites are a quick and stress-free way of doing the hard work for you and showing you the best available options.

Make sure you research the insurance policies though. Some might seem similar but may, in fact, contain less cover.

3. Don’t renew your quote

One of the biggest mistakes that most drivers make when it comes to insurance is to renew their existing claim with their insurer. Whilst this is quick and hassle free it is not the best way to save money.

Most insurance companies offer lower rates for new policies to attract new customers. So either apply to your existing insurer as a new customer or jump ship and take out a policy with a brand new insurance company.

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