6 Roads Every Car Enthusiast Should Drive

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Driving can sometimes be more for necessity rather than for enjoyment these days. We seem to just use our cars to drive to work, or drive the kids to school. It might feel as though those exciting days of when you first passed your driving test have been and gone.

You can change that with just a little creative planning. If you are planning on taking a vacation somewhere, then why not make it a trip to some of the world’s best roads?

Granted, this doesn’t sound too exciting yet, but let me finish. When you hear about the roads I’m recommending, you’ll be itching to get into your car and head off somewhere for a long, exciting road trip. If you don’t feel like taking your own car out on this fun-filled adventure, then take advantage of one of the many exotic car rentals that can be found all around the world.

You might be tempted to take your electric car but think about things logically as this may be the kind of trip that you only get to do once. It won’t be cheap, but it will be worth it!

6 of the best roads to drive, in no particular order are:

Highway 1, Big Sur in California

Breathtaking views and beautiful wildlife make this one of the most scenic driving trips that you’ll ever take. Breathe in that fresh air and have the time of your life on the open road!

The Atlantic Road in Norway

Norway is a place of great natural beauty. This strange looking topsy turvy bridge is a beautiful and different driving experience for the adventurous traveller.

The Seven Mile Bridge in Florida Keys

Take in the gorgeous signs of the Florida keys from a very different view. Be captivated by the vast expanse of water in all of its stunning aquatic shades.

Stelvio Pass Eastern Alps in Italy

Be careful on this high mountain road. This drive requires skill and patience. Get practicing now, ready for your big adventure.

Dadès Gorges High Atlas in Morocco

This road in a peaceful town zig zags its way through a huge gorge. Sound fun? Why not take your friends along for the ride!

Ruta 40 in Argentina

This is the longest route in Argentina and is a well-known place for adventurous tourists to explore. It provides a vast amount of open space on dusty roads. Are you up for the challenge?

Of course, these are just the top places that you would want to go if money were no object at all. If you search hard enough, you will probably find some real driving gems closer to your own local area. Why not get out and about and have a look? You might just find something special.

You could make a long weekend of it or take the whole family and throw a tent in the back. The perfect camping adventure or family road trip idea, wherever your location!

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