Advice for Those Purchasing a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle


Anybody who requires the use of a wheelchair, or those that care for somebody who does, understands just how difficult it can be to arrange travel. No matter how big or small, it can also be a challenge and particularly if public transportation is required. Unfortunately, public transportation is not as accessible as it should be – therefore alternatives need to be found.

The Best Alternative
A wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) is an excellent alternative that can take all of the stress and complications out of travel. These automobiles have been adapted to safely stow a wheelchair and passengers, enabling you to easily reach areas both near and far. There are many sizes and types available, so you need to consider a few aspects before making what will turn out to be a terrific investment. Consider the following points and then discuss these with a reputable WAV supplier.

Firstly, you need to identify what the purpose of your WAV is. You should consider where you will be travelling regularly, how often it will be driven and if you need room for shopping or several passengers. Additionally, think about where you regularly park (will there be space for a ramp or will you require a lift?). Identifying your driving habits will help you to find a vehicle that can make all of this not only possible, but simple and straightforward.

Next, you will need to consider the size of the vehicle. You should measure the size of the user sat in the wheelchair, as the point of entry must exceed this. If the wheelchair user is still growing, or they may need a bigger chair in years to come, you must accommodate for this. You then need to establish how many people will be regularly travelling in the vehicle and if there will be any additional equipment that will need to be transported.

Finding a Suitable WAV
Armed with this information, you should then speak to a specialist supplier and they will be able to make a recommendation. It is vital that you insist on a wheelchair accessible vehicle home demonstration and test drive, as this will allow you to see if it is the right automobile for your needs.

WAV’s open up an entirely new world of possibilities, provide the user with a great sense of freedom and take all of the stress out of arranging travel. This is how you identify the right WAV for your needs.

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