Are Volvos Still Good Cars To Buy?

In motoring circles, the saying always goes that “if you want to buy a safe car, buy a Volvo.”

The Swedish car manufacturer has been in business since 1927. Today there is a strong emphasis on driver and passenger safety. For example, in 1958, Volvo invented the three-point seatbelt system that all modern cars use today.

Photo Source: nrmadriversseat (Flickr)

There has been one major disadvantage about Volvo cars. Because they build safe cars, they have also taken a conservative approach to model styling and design. Up until recently, people thought Volvo models were bland and underwhelming.

It is because of this cautious nature that Volvo suffered money problems. Ford bought the passenger car division in 1999. Six years later, Volvo no longer made a profit. In 2010, Ford sold Volvo Cars to Chinese car maker Geely.

Are you planning to buy a car soon? If so, you will doubtless have looked at Volvo cars for your shortlist. But should you buy a Volvo? Are they still good to buy? In short, the answer to both questions is “yes”! Here’s why:

They are still safe cars

Just because someone else owns Volvo, doesn’t mean the car maker is no longer building “safe” cars. City Motors Volvo are keen to point out that Euro NCAP tests for the majority of modern Volvo models are five out of five stars!

A lot of car makers admire the fact that Volvo place such emphasis on the safety of people that drive its cars. And that is a tradition that still continues today, and will always continue.

Many parents of growing families prefer to drive Volvo cars because of those facts.

Looking forward, they are even trialling driverless cars on the streets of Gothenburg! Granted, commonplace use of autonomous cars won’t be here for at least a few years. But with Volvo’s emphasis on safety, they are keen to be at the forefront of safer motoring.

Fresh designs and striking styling

Gone are the days of Volvo’s conservative approach to model styling. Check out the Volvo V40, for instance.

The Swedish car maker is no longer afraid of making bold changes to the styling of their cars. That is one of the reasons why Volvo sold 20% more cars in the year following its takeover by Geely!

Innovative technology

Volvo is no stranger to being at the forefront of technology. As mentioned earlier, they were the pioneers of the three-point seatbelt safety system.

These days, they are coming up with all sorts of clever technology. It is possible to buy Volvo cars with hybrid technology, offering superb fuel economy and low emissions.


You might think that driving around in a stylish and safe car with the latest technology is going to be expensive. But the truth is, Volvo cars are quite affordable!

That also applies to brand new models, as well as those sold on the used car market. Volvo cars also hold their value well, and don’t suffer from massive depreciation like some of its competitors do.

Are you a Volvo car owner? Let us know what you think about your pride and joy!

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