Cars and SUVs with Best Gas Saving

Having a car certainly increases the concerns to the fuel costs as well as to the environmental damage. That is why most automakers always develop their technology, so that the cars and SUVs can be the vehicles with lower fuel consumption and also more environment-friendly. Many recently launched vehicles are featured by better gas consumption up to 30 mpg.

The best cars and SUVs in gas mileage could become your choices if you are also the one who need to save money and environment. The first one is the Toyota Prius. It runs up to 51 miles with one gallon of fuel in the city roads as well as 48 miles on highway with one gallon of fuel. On average, the fuel consumption is only about $801 per year and it burns carbon dioxide in only 3.7 tons annually.

The second best car in fuel consumption efficiency is Ford Fusion Hybrid. This sedan costs $1,025 on average every year to burn 4.7 tons of carbon dioxide to the air. It is because the car consumes one gallon of fuel for up to 41 miles of running in the city and 36 miles on highway. The same fuel efficiency is gotten by Mercury Milan hybrid.

In the same sums of fuel consumption, Honda Civic Hybrid and Honda Insight are the vehicles that run up to 40 miles in the city roads with one gallon of fuel. Meanwhile, they run up to 33-35 miles with one gallon of fuel on highway. By burning about 4.5 tons of carbon dioxide every year, Honda Civic Hybrid takes $953 fuel costs and Honda Insight takes $977 of fuel costs every year.

The Ford Escape Hybrid and Mercury Mariner Hybrid also belong to the vehicles with best gas mileage. The vehicles burn 5.7 tons of carbon dioxide every year with $1,254 fuel cost. They run up to 34 miles on city roads and 31 miles on highway with one gallon of fuel. Therefore, just choose one of the cars and SUVs if you concern well to the environment and money saving.

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