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Four Ways to Buy a New Car


A new car is probably the second biggest purchase you’re likely to make, after your home. With many finance options available to pay for it, it can be a daunting prospect to find the right deal, with a payment schedule

Buying A New Car? Let’s Make It Easy

Buying a new car might get a little complicated. It could be this is your first. It may not be though. Either way, the car buying process can be a little difficult and confusing. We’ve put together a step by

Just Bought A Used Car? Make Sure You Follow These Next Steps!

Each year millions of people head out and buy used cars. They represent excellent value for money and are an important part of the auto industry in general. When we buy those used vehicles, most of us will usually just

What You Should Look For In Your Next Car Purchase

When looking to purchase a new car, you will want to spend a lot of time researching the different models available. It’s such a significant move that you don’t want to get anything wrong. Making a bad choice could mean

How To Find A Classic Car And Fix It Up

photo credit When it’s time to replace the car in your life, you have a few options. First of all you can get out there and buy a brand new model. This is quick, reliable, but expensive. You’ll drive away

Top Reasons You Should Buy A Hyundai In 2015

South Korean car makers Hyundai have been going from strength to strength during the last few years. Their models were once of little interest to the western world, but since that time there have been some amazing improvements. New Hyundai

6 Valuable Reasons To Buy A Ford

Image Credit When you need a new car, there are loads of options from which you can choose. You must never rush into an important decision like this one. Instead, you need to take your time and think about what

Buying A Supermini? Here’s Why A Used Renault Clio Makes Sense!

Superminis are a popular way of getting from A to B. They are small enough to manoeuvre in narrow city streets. And they are large enough to transport the driver and up to four passengers in relative comfort. Plus there

The Hidden Costs Of Buying A Car

Saving up for your dream car can be a fun experience. Every day you get closer and closer to owning your own car. However, sometimes the day can arrive and you can be knocked sideways by the extra costs. Not

Haggling 101: How To Buy A Car Without Being Ripped Off

Car dealerships can be an intimidating place for a first-time buyer. It can be intimidating for anyone who doesn’t know what to expect. You’ve heard the horror-stories. You know they’re going to try and rip you off. But don’t be