Compelling Reasons Why Your Next Car Should Be A 4×4

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The green brigade frown upon large, powerful cars, especially if you drive your children to school in one. They are also a target for government tax collectors who make you pay an unreasonable duty on many of them. Like most people, the comments and road tax do not deter me from owning my own Land Rover. When you experience an all terrain vehicle, you will never want to drive a small two-wheel drive motor again.

Here are my compelling reasons why your next car should be a 4×4.

Many large vehicles have ample room for a family of five. That said; some have more seats in the rear, and can carry up to seven people. The kids have an uninterrupted view of the scenery as you drive about, which makes the game of ‘eye spy’ exciting. Most of these cars come with roof rails onto which you can attach a box for extra storage, so luggage is not a problem.

They have impressive engines these days. Modern turbo diesels and CRDI models churn out all the horsepower you need with ease. Because of the multi-purpose pedigree they are just as comfortable on long motorway journeys as they are off-road.

Four wheel drives are advantageous for those who wish to tow a caravan. The end of the journey usually involves pulling off the track and into the field. That is the point where many people in a family saloon come unstuck. Those who complain about four wheel drive cars then turn to their owners for assistance. It gives you a smug sense of satisfaction. If you want to tow a caravan with your next vehicle, visit Hunters Land Rover and check out how the towbar and stabiliser brackets work.

Off Road
There might come a time when you need to go off road. Take, for example, a day at the beach with your children. Many people had driven onto the sand in the past, only to watch their car disappear under the waves when they could not get it out of there before the incoming tide consumed it. Also think about the oncoming zombie apocalypse; you might need to go across country in a rush. Seriously though, if you partake in any countryside sports or activities, there will come a time when your 4×4 gets you out of a sticky situation.

Modern vehicles come with all of the latest safety features. You can expect to find traction control, electronic stability control, and abs in addition to a full set of driver and passenger airbags. Seatbelt pretensioners are standard in many models. Passenger welfare is a big consideration in the design of the body shell too. As with all other vehicles, it is designed to crumple in the event of an impact, to disperse the deadly energy. Ask the dealers about automatic braking systems that will lessen the impact, or avoid one altogether should you not notice that the vehicle in front has slowed or stopped. These ultra high-tech features are appearing in standard vehicles these days.

I think you will agree, everybody should own a 4×4 once in their lives. They are useful vehicles, and the pros far outweigh the cons. That’s all for today guys, enjoy your car!

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