Does It Make Sense To Buy A Plug-In Hybrid Car?

Many of the world’s car manufacturers have at least one plug-in hybrid model to offer their customers. In some countries, it is a legal requirement that carmakers have one or more models that are powered by alternative fuel technologies to follow environmental legislation.

Plug-in hybrid cars are essentially vehicles that have small petrol or diesel engines that work together with electric motors and batteries. Such vehicles are promoted on the proviso that they will save car owners money whilst helping the environment. But does it make sense to buy a plug-in hybrid for your next car?

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In the United States, around 435,000 plug-in hybrid cars were sold back in 2012. And “across the pond” in the United Kingdom, 32,715 plug-in hybrids were bought by consumers in 2013.

If you are considering buying a plug-in hybrid car, here are some of the pros and cons that you should check out before making your purchasing decision!

Pro: you will become a greener motorist

Are you concerned about how the human race is damaging Mother Earth? Cars with petrol and diesel engines have been around for several decades now. It was only recently that car manufacturers have taken more steps to reducing carbon emissions.

Part of that reason will obviously have come from various governments around the world, and the changing needs of today’s motorists. But if you purchase a plug-in hybrid, you can drive around safe in the knowledge that you are an eco-friendly driver!

Con: you will be a poorer motorist

One of the biggest downsides to owning an eco-friendly vehicle such as a plug-in hybrid is that you will end up paying several grand more for your motor!

The technology associated with automotive batteries and electric motors is still quite expensive to produce. Therefore, car manufacturers have no choice, but to pass on those costs to you. The shocking truth about plug-in hybrid cars is that it could take up to 20 years to recoup the costs associated with such an eco-friendly car.

Pro: you can sneak up on people

OK, so you wouldn’t ordinarily go around sneaking up on people in your car unless you are a weirdo of some description!

If your plug-in hybrid car is only running on electric power at the time, your car will sound as loud as an electric train, for example. According to Jim from, the noise made by a car’s electric motor is significantly less than that made by a petrol or diesel engine.

Con: some plug-in hybrid cars look awful

I’m not sure why, but some plug-in hybrid cars look ridiculous! I guess car manufacturers are trying to introduce the concept of futuristic-looking vehicles with futuristic technology, but this doesn’t work a lot of the time.

Many people have complained about the styling of the Toyota Prius, for instance. Let’s face it; you can’t look cool driving a Prius! Some car manufacturers take the sensible approach and merely create plug-in hybrid versions of existing models.

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