Driving The 2014 Porsche 911 GT3

How is the Favourite Car Brand of Online Gaming Tournament Jackpot Prizes Faring


The Porsche has been known as a favorite amongst muscle car fans, and now people have a new model to talk about. The brand that has been a staple as a sponsor in many sporting events like poker and car racing has recently released the all new 2014 Porsche 911 GT3.

“Introduced as a 2010 model, the last GT3 was powerful, fast, and among the most satisfying cars extant. Porsche’s challenge is to improve on it while incorporating the new generation’s longer wheelbase and wider tracks,” CarAndDriver.com iterated. Given that set record, how is the new series release in comparison to its predecessors? “The GT3 gets electrically assisted rack-and-pinion steering specifically calibrated for this application,” the car resource details. The 911 family is constantly being pushed to the limit and being expanded by Porsche to cover various types of buyers.

“The real question will be whether the new GT3 feels alive like the old one, and whether it has the same kind of driver involvement. If the new car allows me to drive harder in the corners, I’ll love that,” a Porsche collector named Darren told AutomobileMag.com. “But if it’s too distilled unless you’re at 10/10s, maybe not,” he furthers.

The initial GT3 model immediately became a hit. Its success was so extensive that it gave Porsche the opportunity to showcase their new vehicle model via different avenues. Through sponsorships, you see the GT3 being given away in online poker tournaments. Pocket Fruity was one of them. During one of its Big Draw promotions, a brand new rare Porsche 911 Black Edition was given away. According to the poker gaming site’s blog, “The car comes with a whole heap of cool features too, like a numbered plaque on the glove box and a 341bhp, 3.6 liter engine that gets the Porsche to 62mph in a mind-shattering 4.9 seconds.” The dream car was won by German player HUSO___FU.

Going back to the 2014 model, most car enthusiasts became concerned with the many changes it mentioned during the early press releases last year. Many felt it was being too simple and dumbed-down, making its controls no different from playing simple games like Pocket Fruity. “A dual-clutch PDK gearbox, rear-wheel steering, and electric power steering on a GT3? How dare they?” AutomobileMag highlights the concerns. GT3 program head Andreas Preuninger has one thing to counter the concerns, “Shut up and drive the car.”

As the automobile magazine site discovers soon enough, “He was right. Exploring the 9000-rpm redline and pushing the GT3 through the high-speed corners in the mountains outside Stuttgart was all it took to realize that the GT3 is one of the most impressive cars on the planet when pushed hard.” Test driving the 2014 model was a shocking revelation. “The direct-injection, 3.8-liter flat six is visceral, flexible, and extremely rewarding in the upper reaches of the tachometer,” according to AutomobileMag. The hum the car makes is addicting and the performance is truly astounding. “Porsche quotes a 0-60 mph time of only 3.3 seconds and a top speed of 195 mph. On the twisting and damp mountain roads, we saw an effortless 160 mph,” the car site continues.

Despite the initial concerns of its wide re-design, the 2014 Porsche 911 GT3 is now all set to impress. If you see one driving past you, feel perfectly free to drop your jaw and ogle.

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