Environment Friendly Issues Using Fuel Efficient Vans

If our priorities when buying a vehicle are passenger capacity and cargo space, maybe we have to choose a van. Whether we are trying to save money or maybe we have special attention on environment-friendly issue, it is a good thing to consider how much our vehicle or van will spend fuel. Though fuel economy is something unpopular, especially in the larger-scale van market, but it does not mean we cannot find spacey cargo and fuel efficient vans.

To find out how much we spend on gas every year is something easy. We can find out about it from the Environmental protection Agency at FuelEconomy.gov. The website provides annual fuel and fuel economy cost estimates for every single van on the automotive market. Fuel economy numbers consist of three different classifications based on different types of driving which are city, highway and combined. Reading the information contains in the website will easily help us find one among available fuel efficient vans on the market that suits our driving style and habit. Another thing we must know is that the annual fuel costs are created based on the current gas spot, so it may vary.

EPA releases that the annual fuel cost for minivans is about $2,050 to $2,550 a year. On the website, one of the top fuel efficient vans is Mazda 5, brings the lowest annual fuel cost at $2,050 while Toyota Sienna, Nissan Quest and Honda Odyssey cost about $2,350 each year.

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