Honda Reveals The New Honda Civic Tourer

For years the Honda Civic has been the hatchback of choice for the motorist who appreciates rock solid build quality and reliability above all else. Honda is the most reliable used car manufacturer in the world.
It makes sense for Honda to want to tap in to as many markets as possible then, and their latest addition to the Civic range, the Tourer, is aimed at families and those who like to, well, tour.

It’s called the Honda Civic Tourer, and this is an all-new estate version of Honda’s best-selling and loveable hatchback. It features a humongous boot at 624-litres which is bigger than a Skoda Octavia Estates, Audi A4 estates, and Mercedes-Benz E-Class estates, and the rear seats fold completely flat to extend this already impressive boot capacity to a maximum of 1,688-liters. That’s the best in its class by a long way. On top of that, just like the hatchback, the Tourer features Honda’s “Magic Seat” set up, where you can effectively flip up each seat like a cinema seat to create extra space.

As you’d expect, the Civic Tourer looks just like the hatchback, only longer. That’s no bad thing. The Tourer actually shares most of the same body panels with the hatchback and it even has the same wheelbase. As such, handling is good and fitting in to tight parking spaces is a breeze. What is amazing about the Tourer, though, is that although it’s 24cm longer at the back, it doesn’t look out of proportion – in fact, it arguably looks even better than the hatchback version.

Although it shares the same body panels as the Civic, the Tourer does have something new all to itself; an all-new damper system. This offers the driver three different settings to choose from, which adjust the suspension as per the road conditions. This is ideal for if you’re transporting some antique furniture, or a box of dinner plates, or 1,688-liters of beer.

You will be able to pick up this Civic from Vertu Honda Durham when it finally comes available.
Early 2014 is the release date set by Honda for the Civic Tourer. Overall, it looks like a very tempting proposition- there aren’t many other cars in the world that offer this good an all-round package. Motorists tempted should look at the boot first and foremost as it really is that impressive.

All in all, we think this car could be a huge success, although it does dilute the Civic brand ever so slightly; an all new Type R is said to be in the works. Do hot hatch fans, and Honda racing enthusiasts, want to roll up at the light next to one of these, knowing it’s effectively the same car?

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