How to Install Solar Car Battery Charger

To make sure that the car can run with the battery energy whenever you need, you should never forget to charge the engine battery. If you need to make it work anytime needed, installing solar car battery charger is the best solution. It will make your battery charged every time it needs so that it is always ready for use.

The first thing to prepare is a solar panel in 12-volt outputs. The solar panel can be directly connected to the battery using an adapter via cigarette lighter socket. It will ease you to lock the solar panel for security. Otherwise, you can install it directly to the terminals of the battery with crocodile clips connections. Make a wiring system that connects to the inside of the car for easier operation of the solar car battery charger.

To install the solar car battery charger, connect the solar panel’s positive wire to the anode; attach the leg to diode; farthest from the blocking diode. The blocking diode has a function to prevent power going back to solar panel. Then, connect the cathode of diode to positive terminal of adapter or crocodile clip. Meanwhile, the solar panel’s negative terminal should be connected to cigarette lighter adapter’s barrel or negative crocodile clip. Use different wires for every terminal to distinguish. Put the solar panel in the area that catches most sunlight like car window or another place.

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