Introducing New Electric Cars To Follow Consumers Need

Consumer acceptance and regulation require automakers to build also zero-emission vehicles beside conventional model boost the production of electric vehicles. To follow the consumers need and the regulation General Motors, Ford, Honda and Toyota are trying to build and introducing new electric cars.

It is not a secret that electricity is cheaper than gasoline and it pushes people to find alternative that can help them save money. Electric cars are great option because it does uses electricity rather than fossil fuel. The maintenance for electric cars is also much easier than combustible-engine cars. This year, there are new electric cars that have and will come to the market, some of them are:

• 2012 Ford Focus electric. This EV is on sale now in New York, New Jersey and California. The estimated range for the American EV is about 76 miles because of the support of a larger-capacity onboard charger.
• 2013 Honda Fit EV. Just like its conventional model, the Fit electric will also offer three drive modes ranging from most efficient mode to sporty. The estimated range of the Japanese hatchback is about 82 miles and Honda also puts navigation system shows the range on the map.
• 2012 Toyota Rav4 EV.
• Chevrolet Spark EV.
• Chevrolet Volt
• Nissan Leaf.

Those new electric cars are trying to offer solution to consumers who want to save money and concern about the environment. Even conventional models are still dominating the market, but we have to say that the future of electric vehicle is bright.

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