Luxury on a Budget – Top Tips to Save

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We all want the best, but sometimes our bank balance can’t quite match up to our dreams. The economy is difficult right now. It’s hard for everyone who wants to drive a luxury vehicle. Even in booming China, the market is struggling. The problems are even clearer at the peak of the market. It’s even harder to justify blowing a chunk of the family savings on a new motor. That doesn’t mean that you can’t do it. It just means that you have to be clever – or crafty – about it. There are plenty of ways to get a Premier League car on a Vauxhall Conference budget. Here are just a few tips on how to do so.

Shop around

Don’t go to the same old garages time after time. Chances are they’re not where the best deals are. Shopping around is always the best way to get a good deal. Look online too. Gather as much information as possible on the cars that are for sale. It sounds easy, yes, and cliched too, but don’t be put off. It is the only way to ensure you get the most for your money.

Don’t be a snob

Those upmarket garages and luxury sellers are alluring. I understand. What’s key to remember, though, is that the product they sell is not theirs. A luxury car is a luxury car, whoever is selling it. Don’t let them charge you a premium for their prestige showroom. That money doesn’t help you get the best set of wheels. Seek out the car supermarkets. They’ll often have fantastic deals on the top-quality machinery. A good place to start would be Pinetree Car Superstore. They stock all sorts of luxury vehicles at bargain prices. Furthermore, the service at these car supermarkets is often excellent. You do not need to waste your time going upmarket. All it does is lighten your wallet.


Part-exchanging is a great way of saving money on your new vehicle. You may have always sold your cars on yourself. In this market, that may not be the best way to make money. These days, people want their cars for cheaper prices. You may not get top dollar on the open market. It’s also a big hassle to sell a car yourself. Part-exchanging is quicker and straightforward too. Good dealers will always offer a part-exchange option. Save the time and effort.


Hold your nose and dive in! Haggling is not exactly a skill in which the British have famous expertise. That doesn’t matter. Go for it. There’s always money to make through haggling. The dealer will always come down by a few hundred quid. It’s worth the effort to give it a whirl. It’s good fun, too. The thrill of the negotiation, the auction-room vibe. Fantastic.

Luxury cars don’t have to come at a luxury price. There’s always money to save. All it takes is a little bit of research and a little bit of bravery. Before you know it, you’ll be pulling up at the lights to jealous stares from passers-by.

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