Mont Important Factor To Consider When Searching The Best SUV Tires

SUV reached an enormous popularity in the 1990s and 2000s or before the gasoline price rose in the mid-2000s. People loved this vehicle because they said that SUV offered a better safety compared to other types of vehicles. Unfortunately, many of them do not realize the importance of choosing the best SUV tires. We have to remember that tires are the part in our car that directly touches the ground. If the tires we choose for our SUV are not good, they will give us many problems.

The most important factor to consider when searching for the best SUV tires is the load rating and size. Many SUV owners decided to use plus-sized tires. Driving SUV with bigger tires, we have to admit, is a very interesting thing but it is allowed when the plus-sized tires have the same load rating as recommended, or slightly above. Based on statistics, there are some manufacturers that have successfully made high quality tires for SUVs; the names of the tires are Pirelli Scorpion ATR, General Grabber HTS, Firestone Destination M/T, and Goodyear Fortera Silent Armor.

There are misconceptions in our society about SUV and its tires. People often think tires that are coming in one package with the vehicle are the most ideal ones. Actually, the car manufacturers commonly installed those tires because they want to give comfort for speed and load. However, those tires are not designated for highway driving, off-road driving or travelling to areas with extreme weather. Based on that fact, the best SUV tires are not always the one that match with the OEM but we need to choose tires based on the tracks and needs.

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