Not Sure About Buying A Toyota Yaris? Read This Now!

The Toyota Yaris is a popular city car sold in many parts of the world by the Japanese car maker. When the first generation got unveiled back in 1998, it won the prestigious “Car of the Year Japan” award.

Are you thinking of buying a car soon? If so, I assume that the Toyota Yaris is on your shortlist as you are reading this blog post! But perhaps you might not be sure whether it is the car for you?

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To help you decide, I will show you why the Toyota Yaris is so popular with millions of motorists around the world!


You may or may not know this. Toyota is well-regarded as being a car maker with an obsession to build reliable cars. It’s no secret that most car makers compromise on build quality to meet budget constraints.

Toyota manages to build good quality, reliable cars without jacking up the price in dealer showrooms! The Toyota Yaris is no exception to this rule. It is perhaps one of the biggest reasons why this hatchback is so popular with motorists from all walks of life.

In the UK, the Toyota Yaris has a “good” score from the independent Which? Car Survey.

Good for city driving and long journeys

Some city cars are only good for driving on short journeys around town. Take them out on the open road, and they offer a miserable driving experience. The good news is that the Toyota Yaris is good for both city driving and long road trips!

According to Inchcape Toyota, the Yaris isn’t an uncomfortable experience for long periods. That makes it the perfect car for those that live in cities and suburban areas. It has good proportions and a well thought-out dashboard and centre console.


When you buy a car, you expect to be safe on the road. The Toyota Yaris offers a plethora of safety features that all motorists will get attracted to.

The newer models from 2011 onwards come with stability control and brake assist and standard. Euro NCAP has awarded the Toyota Yaris five out of five stars.

For babies and young children, there are ISOFIX mounting points on the rear seats. It makes life easier for parents trying to strap in their kids before setting off for a road trip.

Are there any bad points?

I wouldn’t say that there are any obvious negative points associated with the Toyota Yaris. At the end of the day, car drivers buy vehicles suited to their lifestyle. The Yaris is a good all-rounder.

If you wanted something uber-chic, something like the Citroen DS3 might be the car for you. And for those seeking a “hot hatch,” the Ford Fiesta ST is a better alternative. The Toyota Yaris makes no secret about being a general, decent all-rounder.

I hope you have found this article useful today. Have you bought a Toyota Yaris based on the information you’ve read here? If so, feel free to post up a comment below and let us know your thoughts on the Yaris. Thanks for reading!

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