The Most Exciting Innovations in the New BMW 7 Series


The new BMW 7 Series sedan is a car to get excited about. For the motoring enthusiast, the technology nut, and the aesthete alike, it is a modern marvel; a stunning cocktail of gleaming paintwork and long, sweeping lines, with

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Buying a new car might get a little complicated. It could be this is your first. It may not be though. Either way, the car buying process can be a little difficult and confusing. We’ve put together a step by

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Cadillac is one of the great car brands in the world. But which cars are the best they’ve ever made? CTS-V The CTS-V is a summation of what Cadillac does best and has always done best. It’s a beast of

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Having a car is great and all that, but some of us are never satisfied. We want to make that car ‘our own’ by modifying it and making it unique. But is this a good idea? Should we leave it

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We all know that the Volkswagen Golf is a popular vehicle in most parts of the world. I am willing to bet that, at some point, everyone on the planet will have either owned or driven a Golf! It’s no

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The 4 Greatest Luxury Car Manufacturers Operating Today

The luxury car market is something we all like to look at from a distance and read about, even if we can’t afford to get behind the wheel of a luxury car very often. It’s a glimpse into a world