Pet Hates: Things About Other Motorists That Annoy Me The Most

Having a driving licence means that you have the freedom to go places whenever you want. As long as you have a car, of course! For many people, driving a car is a necessity rather than a luxury. Especially for those that live in remote or rural areas.

For others, driving can be a passion, pastime or even a dream come true! There are many reasons why people drive in today’s society. With so many benefits on offer, driving appeals to new generations of would-be motorists as well as seasoned ones.

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But there is one downside to driving, and that is drivers themselves! The thing about motorists is that they all pick up bad habits at some stage of their lives. Even if they were good drivers whilst they were learning to drive!

In some countries, drivers do not have to retake their driving test. That is unless they are elderly, or got banned for some reason (such as drink driving). Do other people’s bad driving habits annoy the hell out of you?

For some folks, this anger can lead to road rage. On a personal level, I just get annoyed with people that exhibit bad driving behaviour on public roads. Here are some of my top pet hates about people on the road today. Honk (or comment) if you agree with any of them!

Forgetting to indicate

I used to think that the problem of forgetting to indicate was only limited to drivers of luxury cars, such as BMW and Audi cars. But these days, it seems drivers of any cars suffer from this lapse of essential road etiquette.

Today’s modern cars are like cocoons on wheels. They make you feel safe, comfortable and relaxed when you drive them. But forgetting to show your intentions to other road users is a dangerous pastime.

You are more likely to have a crash if people fail to anticipate your intentions – and it will be you that is to blame, not them.

Driving a death trap

Most countries have laws that prevent unroadworthy cars from being on the road. Imagine following a car that was rolling on bald tyres and had bits of body panel taped together. You would be hesitant to drive too close to them, in case something fell off and damaged your car!

Such cars are a rare sight on the road. But it is annoying when some members of society drive cars like that with no regard for the rules of the road.

Sneezing car syndrome

Have you ever driven past a car only to wonder why it “sneezes” as the driver changes gear? I’m afraid that you haven’t driven past Herbie the Beetle. But you have driven past a “boy racer.”

The sneeze noise you heard is a turbo “dump valve,” according to Mick from A1 Carriages. The valve’s job is to release excess air pressure from the engine. All turbocharged cars have them, except that they are “recirculating” ones. In other words, they don’t make that audible “whoosh” sound.

Aftermarket dump valves don’t improve engine performance. They are just fitted because they sound “cool”…!

Do you have any rants of your own you’d like to post up about other motorists? Feel free to vent by commenting below!

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