Safe Driving Tips in Foggy Ways

Driving in a dense foggy way is very risky of traffic accident. It means that the best instruction is just delaying the trip until the condition goes better. However, some crucial agenda may make it impossible for you to delay the trip. Then, becoming more careful and knowing some safe driving tips in fog are the best solutions. It is because of the limited vision that is not more than 50 feet. You just need half a second of car running to hit another vehicle in front of you in 60 miles per hour of speed. That is why you have to make better your vision in fog and also give alerts as early as possible after you know another vehicle runs in front of yours.

In the foggy weather, a driver may not realize the thickness increasing of fog as long as the trip. To make better your vision, make sure you turn on the defroster and windshield wiper to prevent windows condensation. The safe driving tips are using the low beam light instead of the high beam, because high beam light will be reflected so that in contrast you can’t see the way clearly. It will be safer if you can follow the outer lanes’ solid lines of the road to stay in the right way. Secondly, keep the distance properly from another vehicle so that you can have proper time to react when the vehicles stop suddenly. Besides, you also should fully control your car.

Being surprised by other vehicles is also another problem you could have in a foggy highway. The safe driving tips to avoid accidents are; you should keep the distance and give maximum time for other drivers to react after they know your vehicle in the same way. If you need to change your lanes, turn on your blinkers so that other vehicles could know your position and make react in exact time. Then, don’t forget to apply your brake system in order to avoid accidents.

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