Some Lamborghini Facts That We Should Know

Lamborghini is one of most awesome automakers in the world for the amazing sport cars with high performance machine and angular. This automaker belongs to Volkswagen Group and owned by Audi AG. Lamborghini fame develops for the exotic body design and its great capability of running. As one of the luxurious sport cars in the world, there are some Lamborghini facts you should know.

The first Lamborghini facts are about the history. The car was established in 1963 by an owner of tractor manufacturer named Ferruccio Lamborghini. He had great enthusiastic in cars since childhood and had numbers of car including Ferrari. Someday, his Ferrari was broken and he asked Ferrari about the replacement. However, Ferrari said that he did not know anything about sport cars. That was why he then made sports car of his own. Today, Ferrari and Lamborghini are two rivals and ultimate automakers in the industry. However, among other exotic luxurious cars, Lamborghini brings something unique, which is its low slung ground effect engineering and angular body design.

Lamborghini facts are always interesting to explore. The Italian sport car manufacturer understands that they are one of the best automakers in today’s automotive industry. Their ability is well maintained and they continuously hire experienced people to join. However, it does not mean that the business of the bull-logo is always good because when financial crisis happened some years ago, it was said that the Italian automaker was lucky because it got capital injection to help them survive.

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