The Amazing History of the Rolls Royce

Cars do not come much better than a Rolls Royce. There is not one person in the world who wouldn’t want to get their hands on one. Of course, the price tag that is associated with them is something of a deterrent. They are the ultimate prestige model. They are cumbersome, yet elegant. The roar of the engine is not like anything else on this earth. The Rolls is a much-coveted prize for many.

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Rolls Royce has an amazing history. The history is long, varied and nothing short of interesting. For those who are keen to learn a little bit more about this amazing feat of engineering, you are in the right place.

On May 4th, 2014, Rolls Royce celebrated its 110 years of being in the motor industry. The ultra-luxury brand was the brainchild of Charles Rolls and Henry Royce. Their keen minds changed luxury motoring forever. They truly were the master class of genius.

Mr Rolls was brought up in a world of privilege. He was part of the aristocracy of the time and decided that he needed to put his foot and make something that only the very rich could enjoy. Having a canny business brain, he masterminded the beginning of the famous Rolls Royce. Before cars, Rolls cut his teeth in aviation. Observation balloons and aircraft were his specialities. He was, in no way, a one trick pony.

Henry Royce, on the other hand, was not as privileged as his business partner. As one of five children, he began life in more humble beginnings. He started his professional career by selling newspapers for WH Smith. His aunt paid for him to do engineering, and his mind was expanded further. In the early 1900, he built his first car, with only 10 BHP. Rolls heard of his feat and were keen to meet with him. Despite their apparent differences, their meeting was a success. This resulted in the masterminding of the luxury brand that we know and love today.

Their combined love of cars served them well. With Rolls expert salesman skills and a canny knack of numbers, they were able to build a brand that is unlike any other. Rolls Royce epitomises class. The luxury brand is still much loved 110 years after its first appearance. If you are keen to find out where you can get your hands on a Rolls Royce, take a look at Country Cars.

In 2014, Rolls Royce was going from strength to strength. The Phantom has become a timeless classic. With state of the art technology and engineering that is needed in the modern day, it also has the classic Rolls look. It is a car stuck in two worlds; the traditional and the modern. It epitomises classic design. It is fitted with all the modern technological conveniences that is needed from motoring in the modern world.

Redefining luxury is something that Rolls and Royce managed to achieve. They have created a symbol of wealth. The opulent design and the sheer magnitude of the vehicle are something that everyone, the world over, has come to love and revere.

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