The Benefits Of A Used Kia Sedona For A Family Car

Alden Jewell

I continued my quest to find the Ultimate family car last weekend by trying out a used Kia Sedona, and I must say it is an impressive beast. The model I chose was a 2.9crdi LS auto. Crdi stands for common rail diesel injection where the engine uses a computer to operate fuel injectors. They send fuel into the cylinders from a common pressurised chamber.

The engine boasts 140 brake horsepower and the vehicle can hit sixty miles per hour in just under ten seconds.

This car gives plenty of legroom for all passengers, unlike many alternatives. The seating comprised the driver seat, and front passenger followed by two seats on the middle row and a bench seat in the back. They are not removable on this particular model. Individual seats all have fold-up armrests to make the journey comfortable.

I noticed that the seats in the middle row had both a lap and shoulder belt, and it soon became apparent why. They swivel around to face backwards. That is when you need to use the lap belt. With a feature like this, it is easy for a parent to attend to a young child on the back seat, and perfect for a day out. A family can face each other as they eat their picnic.

I was disappointed that you cannot remove the seats from this model, but there is an advantage that I wasn’t expecting. If you pull a lever, the rear seat folds up. Then you can slide it forwards until it meets the middle row, giving a cavernous space for your luggage without the need to store the seats elsewhere.

The elevated driving position gives you a fantastic view of the road. For the first few corners, however, I did get the impression that the car leaned a bit further than it should. That was probably because I am used to smaller cars; the feeling disappeared quickly. Though the engine is powerful, you must remember that it has a heavy vehicle to shift around. Couple that weight with an automatic gearbox and six passengers, and the acceleration from a standstill was slower than I expected. Having said that, this is a family car and not build for drag racing. Sunny Hill Motors understand that practicality often compromises performance in family vehicles. When moving, the car accelerated well and performed excellently on motorways. It gets to the maximum speed limit at a fair pace and cruises with ease.

The air conditioning is outstanding in this vehicle. It has to be because the passengers cannot open the side windows except for the rear windows which swing open leaving a gap of about forty millimetres. Luckily, the passengers can control the air conditioning from the rear compartment. The vehicle also has a separate heater in the rear too; essential for the freezing winters.

Build Quality
The standard of design and workmanship is impressive. The sliding side doors are smooth to operate and feel robust; nothing like van doors. The electric windows work silently, and there are no rattles or knocks from behind the dashboard.

Overall I am impressed by the Sedona. The best thing about it is that you can pick a low-milage example up for under two-thousand pounds. I think you will agree; that is a bargain.

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