The Most Exciting Innovations in the New BMW 7 Series


The new BMW 7 Series sedan is a car to get excited about. For the motoring enthusiast, the technology nut, and the aesthete alike, it is a modern marvel; a stunning cocktail of gleaming paintwork and long, sweeping lines, with a power kick to knock you back in your seat. It’s a marriage of brilliance, combining the best of artistic design with the most exquisite mechanical craftsmanship hidden away beneath the bonnet.

But it is its innovative technology that really helps to blow the 7 Series sedan out of the water. Packed with unique and dazzling new inventions, its highly-touted features ensure that it’s a true delight to own.

If you’re desperate for a peek inside, then here are five of its most exciting accessories…

#1: BMW Display Key

One of the most intriguing features of the new 7 Series is its clever display key. This exceptional FOB offers a fully interactive colour touch display, providing information on your car straight into your hand. Not only can you start and kill the engine without ever placing the key in the ignition, but you can also charge it wirelessly from the console, meaning that untidy, zigzagging wires need never get in your way.

#2: Interactive In-car System

You might also want to take a look at the fantastic in-car system that comes as a standard part of the package. Responsive to a simple stream of hand gestures, it can be used to raise and lower volume, or mute sound altogether, without ever having to take your eyes from the road.

#3: 360-degree View

Perhaps the most useful innovation that makes an appearance in the new 7 Series is a 360-degree view of your car. The perfect tool for achieving pristine parking, it means that you can see outside from every angle, helping you to avoid obstacles, and place yourself perfectly within the white lines. With cameras wired up to your side mirrors, front, and rear, you need never worry about unseen bollards or runaway children again.

#4: BMW Touch Command

If you’re not excited already, you will be when you learn about the fabulous BMW Touch Command that features in BMW 7 Series cars. An Android-powered Samsung tablet that comes as standard, this great innovation can be used to control features designed to provide entertainment, increase your comfort, and improve navigation, as well as being fully functional in its own right.

#5: Sun Protection Privacy Control

Finally, don’t miss out on the opportunity to increase and decrease your level of privacy. Thanks to a ‘sun protection’ feature, windows can be blacked out on demand through the Touch Command tablet, ensuring that you’re only seen when you want to be. You can watch it in action here.

Which feature are you most excited about?

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