The Top 3 4×4 Cars Of All Time

1. Land Rover Defender
It’s easy to make a case for the Land Rover Defender as the best 4×4 of all time. It first started production in 1983 and it’s still being produced today at the same plant in Solihull, UK. When it was first released the Freelander was called the ‘Ninety’ and ‘One Ten’, names which represented the vehicles’ wheel bases in inches. When the Discovery was launched in 1989 Land Rover renamed the ‘Ninety’ and ‘One Ten’ to include the Freelander name. It has stuck ever since.

Numerous models have been released since then. Today, the Defender is better than ever. It features an updated 2.2-litre diesel engine and high-pressure fuel injection system, making it the most economical Defender to date. It also benefits from new acoustic proofing under the hood, making it more refined.

Whilst the Defender has been refined over time, its ability to go off-road anywhere has remained the same. It is without any doubt one of the best off-road cars in the world, no matter which generation you go for, according to Farnell Land Rover Leeds.

Sadly, it looks as though the Land Rover Defender as we know it will be saying goodbye in 2015.

2. Toyota Land Cruiser
Opinion is always divided between the Defender and Land Cruiser with regard to what is the best 4×4 of all time. For me, the Defender edges it, but there’s no denying the Toyota Land Cruisers pedigree.
It first started production in 1951 which predates the Defender by a significant margin. Whereas the Defender has always been a rugged utilitarian machine, however, the Land Cruiser has grown up over the years and whilst its ability to go off-road remains unchanged, it’s not quite as agile or efficient as the Defender on rough terrain. It’s still a fantastic off-road car though, and it’s one you can certainly rely on.
Where the Land Cruiser of today does trump the Defender is in family appeal. It’s a much more comfortable car with more equipment and a lot of in-car technology. This list is about 4×4′s, though, and so it’s beaten into second place by the Defender.

3. Jeep Cherokee
Produced from 1974, the Jeep Cherokee is one of the best 4×4′s of all time. Production kicked off with the SJ model in 1874 – 1983, and we’re now on the WK2 model which has been produced from 2011 – the present day.
The current Jeep Grand Cherokee is a stunning car that’s more of a Range Rover competitor than a Defender competitor. It has lots of equipment and an exceptionally refined ride, as well as lots of technology to make journeys pleasurable. Despite this, it’s a capable off-roader, and stays true to its history by being able to handle all types of terrain.

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