Things To Do In Doing Front Wheel Bearing Replacement

Two different types of wheel bearings are being used by almost all cars. Older cars apply serviceable wheel bearings that are unlike parts compared to the hubs. Almost all new cars use hub bearings assemblies having internally pressed wheel bearings that cannot be serviced. One problem common occurs is when the wheel bearings are no longer able to do its jobs. When the time to do the front wheel bearing replacement comes, actually we do not need to go to a mechanic because we can do it by ourselves.

To do the front wheel bearing replacement, first thing we have to do is just jacking up the car. Then, we have to remove the front tires as well as the brakes. Next step, take out the grease cap or the center. Pull the Cotter pin and the nut out. Pull out the rotor and grease seal behind the rotor off. Pull out the bearings smoothly. Use hammer to punch and knocking out racings from the back of the center of the rotor. It is very important to utilize new races. We also need to clean out the center of the rotor with a clean rag. Replace the old bearings with the new ones.

The front wheel bearing replacement has been perfectly installed, it is important to pact it with grease and then install new seal. Reinstall all of the wheel parts perfectly but do not forget to clean it first.

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