Top Tips For Keeping Your Car’s Bodywork Immaculate

Google is usually the website of choice for millions of people around the world that are trying to find out the answers to any questions they may have. The search engine has grown in popularity over recent years because of changes to its artificial intelligence algorithms.

For example, have you ever wondered why “Instant Search” always seems to know what you are about to ask? Spooky, huh! The reason I am talking about Google is because car owners also use it for learning some amazing tips and tricks when it comes to caring for their cars.

Image via Flickr (credit: rob_sg)

One of the commonly-asked questions by car owners is how to keep their vehicle’s bodywork in mint condition – and not dented and “beat up” like the battered old Ford Capri pictured above!

In today’s blog post, I will discuss with you some useful tips to help you maintain your car’s exterior so that it looks the same as it did when it first rolled off the production line!

Choose your parking spaces wisely

Many years ago I used to live in a house with my family, and because of the proximity of the house to the road we lived by, there was no off-street parking available. The area was ordinarily OK and trouble-free, but after a while some nefarious types started moving into the street.

Trouble then ensued, and usually in the form of unsupervised children playing football in the road and using people’s cars as goal posts – one of which was mine! As you can imagine, I was not amused at driving around in a car that looked like it had driven past thorny rose bushes!

These days I am pleased to announce that I live in a nicer neighbourhood and benefit from having off-street parking. Of course, I have to park my car elsewhere on occasion, and this is where damage to the bodywork can occur.

My friend Steve (a car nut that works for the Thames Motor Group in Reading) gave me a brilliant piece of advice which I will share with you! He said, “in car parks, always park near the exit and away from other cars.”

That is because most people will want to park near the entrance to the supermarket or shopping centre, for example, and, as a by-product, you will be able to drive off quicker the nearer you are to the exit!

Tuck your ears in

I have a habit of calling car wing mirrors “ears”, and I bet you secretly do too!

But on a serious note, when you park on the street, fold your wing mirrors in so that you don’t end up walking back to the car with smashed mirror glass on the floor and half a wing mirror housing still attached.

Keep your car undercover

When you aren’t using your car for long periods of time, consider fitting a car cover over it to protect it from the elements. One of the worst things that can attack your car’s bodywork, apart from other people, is the environment around it.

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