What Are the Most Reliable Cars for Taxi Drivers


A taxi is a workplace for its driver, but, for the passenger, they could treat it as anything from a bus to a limousine. Whatever the case, both the drivers and passengers alike depend on taxis to be reliable and always get them to their destination without fault. Because of this, the biggest marker of quality for any professional taxi driver is reliability. With this in mind, what should be your vehicle of choice?

How Can We Test Reliability?
The first thing we need to do us is define the best way to measure reliability in vehicles. Fortunately, the European New Car Assessment Programme (Euro NCAP), set up in 1997, has been consistently publishing detailed crash test data on nearly all cars that are released for road use. Euro NCAP crash tests include front, side, and pole impacts as well as impacts with pedestrians. As well as measuring the systems in place to protect those involved with the crash, experts also look at the technology in place to prevent accidents happening in the first place, such as electronic stability control that kicks in when the vehicle starts to lose traction.

What Is the Most Reliable Vehicle Out There?
With this in mind, many taxi drivers will be wondering what the most reliable vehicle available is right now. Regardless of class, this would be Volvo V40 as it’s the only car to average over 90% across all four categories, including a perfect score in safety assist. Every V40 also includes a City Safety system as standard that reduces traffic accidents at speeds up to 19mph, which is ideal for drivers who do most of their work in busy cities. Another great option is the BMW 5-Series, which comes equipped as standard with six airbags and stability control as well as the option for adaptive cruise control.

Are There Certain Brands We Can Trust?
If neither of these vehicles are in your price range, consider looking at used outlets like Cab Direct. When buying used, it’s important that you know which manufacturers have good track records in safety and reliability. In a recent study published by What Car, Honda, Suzuki, and Toyota, were found to be the most reliable, way out in front of some of the most prestigious manufacturers, like Bentley, Porsche, and Audi. This report analysed 50,000 live Warranty Direct policies on three to eight-year old vehicles. It also took into account the average failure rates and the expected cost of the driver would have to pay to repair the vehicle.

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