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Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall
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About Us

Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall
The Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Musical Hall (ACFL&MH) serves the citizens of Carnegie and surrounding communities including Collier Township, Heidelberg, Oakdale, Pennsbury Village, Pittsburgh, Robinson Township, Rosslyn Farms, Scott Township, Thornburg, and elsewhere in Allegheny County.

ACFL&MH is a nonprofit providing library services, and preserving and operating a historic, multi-use facility available for music and theatrical productions, lectures, meetings, and training.

ACFL&MH also serves its constituents through community partners. Its resident performing arts companies, Carnegie Performing Arts Center, Pittsburgh Savoyards, and Stage 62 present ballets and dramatic and musical plays and Gilbert and Sullivan operettas that draw audiences from all over Allegheny County. The 9th Pennsylvania Reserves maintains and oversees the facility's genuine national treasure, The Civil War Room: The Thomas Espy Post of the Grand Army of the Republic.

Facility rental information is available from Marjorie O'Brien at
(412) 279-7770.

Mary Malysko Library Director
Helene Dal Canton Reference Librarian
Katie Byerly Library Aide
Sonya Library Aide
David Lutz, Jr. Library Aide
Janet Sharp Library Aide
Jo Vetter Library Aide
Marjorie Weiss Library Aide
Molly Stockdale Children's Programmer
Mike Byerly Custodian

Alice Kolek
Alice McCarthy
Ruth Nirella
Anne Polc
Rena Popivchak
Dorothy Rubino

Board of Trustees
Rosanna Bogats Asst. Treasurer & Corres. Sec.
Ken Bowman
Ross Feltz
Isabel Ford Secretary
Elaine Geiser
Larry Harkovich
John Kish
Betsy Martin Vice President
Ron Moehler President
Bob Moll
Marjorie O'Brien
Ron Parker Treasurer
Jim Pascoe
Tim Volk

Library Activity Counts 2004   2003   2002   2001  
Circulation 42,492 44,264 34,919 33,029
Library Visits 30,000 32,000 32,300 35,000
Cataloged Items 27,272 33,716 33,821 35,772
Inter-library Loan - Lent 12,803 8,056 4,642 3,332
Inter-library Loan - Borrowed 5,375 4,467 2,567 2,128
Number of Music Hall Performances 60 59 59 59
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